• Collective Journey

    individual effort, remarkable production

Collective Journey is the brand name of honey produced or sourced by BeeKeepers World.

When conditions are right (abundant food, good weather) and bees are strong and healthy their joint efforts, from many thousands of flights, result in honey flow. We never cease to be amazed how the tireless effort of individual bees, each on their own journey, contributes to the overall good of the community, and ultimately the bounty of honey. This honey is the story of their collective journeys.

We run our own commercial bee hives at apiary and pollination sites across KwaZulu-Natal and source honey from other responsible producers. We harvest sustainably from our hives to produce 100% pure, natural honey. Honey from different locations is derived from bees foraging on local food sources, often resulting in unique tasting honey which we bottle! Source specific honey is often available in limited supply. Our honey is always 100% pure and is not irradiated.

When conditions are not right in KZN honey flows can be low. Collective Journey obtains honey from responsible producers in southern Africa to ensure local availability of good quality honey. When possible, we aim to partner with socially and environmentally responsible projects to further bee health and honey production.

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